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moderate adj
1 being within reasonable or average limits; not excessive or extreme; "moderate prices"; "a moderate income"; "a moderate fine"; "moderate demands"; "a moderate estimate"; "a moderate eater"; "moderate success"; "a kitchen of moderate size"; "the X-ray showed moderate enlargement of the heart" [ant: immoderate]
2 not extreme; "a moderate penalty"; "temperate in his response to criticism" [syn: temperate]
3 marked by avoidance of extravagance or extremes; "moderate in his demands"; "restrained in his response" [syn: restrained] n : a person who takes a position in the political center [syn: centrist, middle of the roader, moderationist]


1 preside over; "John moderated the discussion" [syn: chair, lead]
2 make less fast or intense; "moderate your speed"
3 lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits; "moderate your alcohol intake"; "hold your tongue"; "hold your temper"; "control your anger" [syn: control, hold in, hold, contain, check, curb]
4 make less severe or harsh; "He moderated his tone when the students burst out in tears" [syn: mince, soften]
5 make less strong or intense; soften; "Tone down that aggressive letter"; "The author finally tamed some of his potentially offensive statements" [syn: tone down, tame]
6 restrain or temper [syn: chasten, temper]

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From moderat, from moderātus, past principle of moderārī, to moderate


  • Adjective, noun:
    • italbrac UK: /ˈmɒdərət/, /"mQd@r@t/
    • italbrac US: , /ˈmɑdərət/, /"mAd@r@t/
  • Verb:
    • italbrac UK: /ˈmɒdəreɪt/, /"mQd@reIt/
    • italbrac US: , /ˈmɑdəreɪt/, /"mAd@reIt/


  1. Not excessive; acting in moderation
  2. Mediocre
  3. Having an intermediate position between liberal and conservative.


not excessive
  • Dutch: gematigd
  • Finnish: maltillinen, kohtuullinen, kohtalainen, vaatimaton
  • French: modéré, modérée
  • German: moderat
  • Spanish: atentado, atentado
  • Finnish: keskinkertainen
having an intermediate position in politics
  • Finnish: maltillinen
  • German: moderat


  1. In the context of "politics": One who holds an intermediate position between the extremes relevant in the actual political situation.


one who holds an intermediate position in politics
  • Finnish: maltillinen


  1. To reduce the excessiveness of (something)
  2. To become less excessive
  3. To act as a moderator; to assist in bringing to compromise

Related terms


to reduce the excessiveness
  • Finnish: tasoittaa, kohtuullistaa
to become less excessive
  • Finnish: tasaantua, tasoittua
to act as a moderator
  • Finnish: sovitella
  • German: moderieren


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Extensive Definition

In politics and religion, a moderate is an individual who holds an intermediate position between two viewpoints, neither to be extreme or radical by those applying the term. The word "moderate" can also be used as an adjective describing such a position.


In politics, a moderate is an individual who holds the middle position between those generally classified as being left-wing or liberal and those seen as right-wing or conservative. An alternate definition, and one widely held among swing voters, is that a moderate is one who has firm convictions on all issues, yet some convictions fall just to the left of the spectrum and some fall just to the right.
Political moderates usually seek conciliation between the views of various political parties, and often take positions partially derived from opposite views. For example, political moderates might not support the end of private property in the way advocated by Marxists, but they also might not support laissez-faire capitalism.
"Moderate" is by definition a relative term, since the position considered moderate depends on the nature of the two (or more) competing ideologies that the moderates are trying to conciliate. As such, the moderates in one country often do not share the views of moderates in other countries. Even within the same country or community, the position considered "moderate" changes over time. For example, in the Southern United States during the first half of the 19th century, supporting slavery was considered a sensible and moderate view to hold. Today, in the same geographical area, supporting slavery is considered dangerous and unacceptable extremism.
In Sweden, Moderate Party (Moderata samlingspartiet) is the name of the traditional right-wing party. Thus the Swedish word "moderat" does not have the same political meaning as the word moderate has in English, although, from an international viewpoint, the basic meaning still applies.


In religion, a moderate is someone who holds an intermediate position between the liberal religious or secularist view and the conservative, orthodox or fundamentalist view.
Religious moderates tend to take a doctrinal position that is not as strict as the orthodox or conservative religious members, but not as open as the secularist or liberal members.

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K, Laodicean, abate, acceptable, accepting, act between, adequate, adjust to, admissible, all right, allay, alleviate, alter, ambling, apathetic, arbitrate, arrest, assuage, attemper, average, backpedal, backwater, balanced, banal, bank the fire, bargain, better than nothing, betwixt and between, bland, blunt, bound, box in, brake, budget, calm, cautious, center, central, centrist, chair, chasten, cheap, check, circumscribe, circumspect, claudicant, clement, clip the wings, common, compassionate, compromiser, condition, confine, conservative, constant, constrain, contain, control, controlled, cool, coordinate, copyright, crawling, creeping, creeping like snail, curb, cushion, damp, dampen, de-emphasize, deaden, decelerate, decent, decrease, defuse, delay, deliberate, detain, diminish, direct, discipline, discreet, downplay, draw rein, draw the line, dull, ease, ease off, ease up, easy, easygoing, ebb, economic, economy, equable, even, extenuate, fair, fair to middling, fairish, fall, faltering, fifty-fifty, flagging, foot-dragging, forbearant, forbearing, forgiving, frugal, gentle, go between, good enough, goodish, gradual, grave, half-and-half, halting, hedge, hedge about, hobbled, hobbling, hold back, hold in check, hold up, humane, idle, impartial, impede, inconsequential, inconsiderable, independent, indifferent, indolent, inexpensive, insipid, intercede, intermediary, intermediate, interpose, intervene, judge, judicious, keep back, keep within bounds, lackluster, languid, languorous, lax, lay, lazy, leaven, leisurely, lenient, lenify, lessen, let down, let up, let up on, lighten, limit, limping, lose ground, lose momentum, lose speed, low, low-priced, lumbering, make terms, manage, manageable, mean, measured, medial, median, mediate, mediocre, medium, meet halfway, merciful, middle, middle-of-the-road, middle-of-the-roader, middling, midway, mild, mild as milk, mitigate, moderantist, moderationist, moderatist, modest, modify, modulate, mollify, namby-pamby, narrow, negotiate, neuter, neutral, nominal, nonaligned, noncommitted, nonpartisan, nonviolent, normal, not amiss, not bad, not half bad, not so bad, obstruct, obtund, of a kind, of a sort, of sorts, okay, on the fence, ordinary, pacifistic, palliate, paltry, passable, passive, patent, patient, peaceable, peaceful, piddling, play down, poking, poky, presentable, preside over, pretty good, prudent, qualify, rational, reasonable, reduce, reduce the temperature, reef, referee, register, regulate, regulate by, rein in, relax, relaxed, relent, relieve, reluctant, remit, represent, respectable, restrain, restrained, restrict, retard, routine, run, satisfactory, sauntering, scant, season, sedate, sensible, serious, set back, set conditions, set limits, shabby, shoddy, shuffling, slack, slack off, slack up, slacken, slight, slothful, slow, slow as death, slow as molasses, slow as slow, slow down, slow up, slow-crawling, slow-foot, slow-going, slow-legged, slow-moving, slow-paced, slow-poky, slow-running, slow-sailing, slow-stepped, sluggish, small, smother, snail-paced, snaillike, so-so, sober, sober down, sober-minded, sobersided, soft, soft-shell, soften, solemn, soothe, sparing, specialize, staggering, staid, standard, stay, steady, step in, stifle, stint, stinting, straiten, strolling, subdue, subside, sufficient, supervise, suppress, take in sail, tame, tedious, temper, temperate, tender, tentative, third-force, third-world, throttle down, tidy, toddling, token, tolerable, tolerant, tone down, tortoiselike, tottering, treat with, trifling, trivial, trudging, tune down, turtlelike, umpire, uncommitted, underplay, unexceptionable, unexceptional, unexcessive, unexpensive, unextreme, unhurried, unimpassioned, uninvolved, unobjectionable, usual, vapid, waddling, wane, weaken, wishy-washy, within means, workmanlike, worth the money
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